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Scope of Work

Hangar and Facilities in Aqaba, Jordan

FTO has a long-term lease on a large multi-purpose facility at King Hussein International Airport (OJAQ) in Aqaba, Jordan, and is looking for Joint Venture Partners to explore potential uses for the facility.

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Aircraft Brokerage

At FTO Holdings we can help the client find the right aircraft based on their specific needs.

Our team of experts, throughout our extensive connections worldwide provide a world-class service in locating the required aircraft with its detailed specs, maintenance history, due lists, modification status, aircraft comparison and inspections.

We have helped various customers with the sale and purchase of different types of aircraft such as Embraer Legacy 600, Antonov AN12, Illusions and Diamond.

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Managing Flight Training Organisations

FTO has international hands on experience in managing state-of-the-art flight training organisations. With over 15 years of experience in the aviation training industry, we offer professional services that include, but not limited to:

  • Advisory and Consultancy for the acquisition of flight schools

  • Aircraft Inspections

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Preparing Manuals

  • Planning and Operations

  • Implementing Safety Management System

  • Setting up Key Performance Indicators and Process Maps

International Companies Representation

Over the years, we have built an exceptional relationship with the leading aviation companies in the MENA region. FTO Holdings is keen on representing international firms that want to participate in the growth of the aviation sector in the region by using our experience, strategies and analysis of this unique market structure. Click here to check our partners page.

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